Three Cameras

by snapshot2 Moderator - 12/4/12 7:22 AM

In Reply to: Criteria by Sid3695

All three of these cameras are aimed at the same buyer.
All have 10X optical zoom
Lens aperture about the same. (not enough difference to matter).
All three have 16 meg sensor (The nikon uses CMOS which should make it better for fast shooting).
Price is just about the same.

None of the three will produce good night pictures. (just average).

I can not pick which is best of those three.

For low light and optical zoom I suggest you look at the Panasonic ZS15 (TS25)
It has 12 Meg (CMOS) and 16X optical zoom.

My reasoning:
16 meg sensors are more noisy than 12 meg sensors which makes 16 meg sensors a poor choice for low light.