Samsung LE32D403 Bad vibration from speakers!

by SETIBOB - 12/4/12 1:10 AM

In Reply to: How old? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanx Bob
This is my 2nd LCD screen but my first is a Toshiba and a small 19" and I'm now using that as a PC monitor! Sound on this very small screen is good for such a small screen, not a hint of vibration etc.
I think you're right about them "keeping the cost in check" I've also found a few posts about sound quality problems with this model since posting this thread but they don't list specific details.
I'm tempted to swap it like you suggested, and as it's only a few days old but as it was a gift I would rather not go down that route. I'm tempted to pull the back off and see if I can fit some rubber washers or felt to the speaker mounts just to try and stop the worst of the vibration. Saying that I'm not sure if it's the speakers vibrating or the actual carcass of the TV around them!