I agree

by richardgc_1 - 12/3/12 1:43 PM

In Reply to: Wrong conclusion by T--Bill

I not 9 and I have A Pavilion Desktop and am 66 years old, have been running Windows 8 since early releases and believe me Microsoft is getting a bum rap here. By using the modern IE10 and IE10 desktop there is nothing I could do in Windows 7 that I cannot do in Windows 8 just as easy and 8 has better security and runs faster on my computer.

Sure there are things about Widows 8 that I don't like , The so called "white list" where embedded flash is concerned, just infuriated me, I was ready to call out the Marines but over all I like it. Most who complain or bash Microsoft have either not used it or have not given it a chance.

Last, I am not or have never been in the employ of Microsoft, although I would like to have been.