Thanks all

by gordon451 - 12/3/12 4:16 AM

In Reply to: Msconfig/startup? by bob b

As pgc3 suggested, I've done a bit of research. It's not conclusive, but around the traps the general thought is that the AMD drivers are the preferred drivers for x64 processors of any brand, since AMD perfected the x64 processors with the Itanium series.

I should expand a bit on my original question: there are 6 AMD drivers loaded, {amdppm amdk8 amdide amdsata amdsbs amdxata}.sys, as well as two Intel drivers, intelide.sys and intelppm.sys, and a couple of non-Intel others. Interesting that (according to PeStudio) all of the AMD drivers are crippled in some way.

I'll take bob b's suggestion, and slowly -- when the workload eases off -- try unticking one or two then rebooting. I cannot see any of the AMD drivers in Device Manager, which is encouraging, although W7 is a very complicated beast.

As to how the drivers got there, probably because the OEM (Sorry mods, I have to do this!) (CDM in Perth, Western Australia) preload put them there. They show up in Windows\System32\drivers, but actually live in Windows\winsxs.

Sometimes I think I tinker too much (If it ain't broke, fix it until it is!) and I should really leave things alone happy