I'm not 10 years old but thanks for that.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/2/12 11:46 PM

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This is an interesting experiment in my view. That is, the very idea you can send out such gear and expect folk to get to work without manuals like we had in early computing days.

Those manuals were grand but over the years the makers discovered to their horror that most were never opened or consulted.

Fast forward to my first Android encounter and the phone came with a rather thick manual so when I had an issue I dutifully found the pages about the feature and tried it. Still failed. Back to the store and they just nodded and said it didn't work and to not read the manual. What a response and 2 years later I'm out of the contract and won't do that again.

To make matters more fun, the cellular carrier may modify the system from what Samsung supplied. So asking the maker may not get the right answer.

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-> Android is the new Windows <-

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