Returned 46" Samsung Smart TV

My buddy bought a 46" Samsung last Sunday. I helped set it up and noticed a really bad odor. He had to wait for a new HD box from Dish Network before using the set but he left the set turned on, actually just plugged in. I returned Saturday, 6 days later, and the smell was still awful. After being there an hour or so, the windows were open because of the odor, my eyes began burning and watering. I googled it, found this site and saw he wasn't the only on experiencing the problem.
He wasn't bothered by it to the extent I was but he called Samsung Customer Service. They explained that their new sets should not have any objectionable odors and that he should "get the set out of the house immediately and return it to the selling dealer. He called Best Buy and returned it about an hour later for another Samsung. This one doesn't stink. None of them should according to Samsung. Best Buy agreed.