You "Deleted" The C Partition??

by Grif Thomas Moderator - 12/2/12 12:30 PM

In Reply to: cannot format xp pc by conleth

If you've done such, you will need to create a new C: partition (or any other letter designation), in order for XP to correctly format it..

Or possibly, if the computer originally contained Vista or Windows 7, then it's possible you have an issue with the SATA hard drive.. Unfortunately, you haven't told us enough to make a decision on such.

Or maybe you didn't actually "delete" the partition but instead wiped the contents from the C drive, then assuming you can boot from the XP cd corrrectly, and you are following the basic instructions in the link below, if the disc won't correctly format the C: drive, you probably should get a new drive.

Or, if you choose, you could use a disc wiper, such as Dban, to wipe everything from the drive, then boot from the XP disc, create a new C: drive, then install the operating system.

Hope this helps and let us know more.