not actuall a virus

by walldoo99 - 12/2/12 11:00 AM

In Reply to: Sounds more like Spyware. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I agree that it is not a virus that spreads itself from pc to pc but it will slow your pc to a crawl. Every time you click a link it sends that info to it's advertisers so they can spam you to death. So you click a link to go to and before you can get there it has to send this info out and then you can go to that site.
It can be removed by uninstalling and then I used spybot to clear out the rest but it still came up inchrome as the default search when I click to open a tab. I had to search how to remove that and I forget the process but it was really simple. Running spybot was the time consuming part of it. sad