Of course we do. Nor in our eyes is he a liberal.

by Ziks511 - 12/2/12 6:46 AM

In Reply to: Do liberals find it even a little by TONI H

Paul Krugman is a Liberal, Tim Geithner is a Wall Street opportunist only slightly less rapacious than the rest of the breed which makes him a strong Conservative but not a Rebarbative Right Wing Reject.

Credibility from a guy who has worked all his life on Wall Street??? Don't make me laugh.

I had a friend whom I knew at University whom I watched change from "one of the guys" mildly liberal into a take no prisoners Corporate shill in the course of 12 years. It was a sad situation. He died of Coronary Artery Disease at 54 having made and lost 3 fortunes. Fortunately he died on the made side of the equation so his wife and kids are fine.