What Bob said. Truth be told though, it's the speakers

by Pepe7 - 12/1/12 12:13 PM

In Reply to: NEW Yamaha vs OLD Integra Receiver--which is better? by nazird

That's the most important important part of the equation. For great quality sound, you should focus on where electrical turns into mechanical energy (e.g. you get the appropriate sound waves that come from the speakers, then are interpreted by your ears/brain). Match great speakers to one of those 'bargain' priced $5-600 newer AV receivers and you can still have very good sound. In other words, most consumers don't allocate enough $ to the speakers but mistakenly focus on the receiver.

That said, if you old receiver has all the ports you need in the short term (thinking it likely does not though), I don't see the need to change. If you need HDMI of course to connect various newer inputs/components, that might be a reason to switch, but not necessarily for sound quality.