But the cuts are required to be across the board

by Roger NC - 12/1/12 6:44 AM

In Reply to: the truth is ..... by James Denison

I was watching a discussion a few days ago. One man was saying the amount that the cliff will require the military to cut wasn't the largest problem for the military, it was the mandate that it cut equally across all areas. He was of the opinion the Pentagon could probably handle the cut if it was allowed to do it as it wanted to do, where it wanted to, and without interference from politicians saving a base or other military assests in their home district for local economics and political reasons rather than the best use and staging of military assets.

I'm sure my state is as guilty as anyone, we have a lot of military bases and it is a huge part of several different local and regional economies.

At this point I'm about ready to go with the taxes returning to what they were for everyone, forget the fight about who gets what, but do something to moderated the cuts, to make cuts rationally not draconically.