85 year old Mother-In-Law Active User

by bugged62 - 12/1/12 12:55 AM

In Reply to: IPAD for senior by photobug56

Hi, I am late on this Topic nut would like to share with you my experience in keeping my 85 Year old Wallyfff live on Internet at home & Travel.
She is still scared of making mistakes, never touched Tech. until 3 years ago. She has a HP Atom. After many failures and constant visits to rest and instruct I have created a Google home page with only Big Icons for G-Mail, Skype, and Facebook. These are preloaded with always on with passwords.

She loves it and keeps in touch with her 7 Children and over thirty Great +Grand Children + old family in Italy.
She loves the Communication. The biggest problem is when her adsl goes down she cannot reset and where she lives in South Africa there are frequent interruptions, elect. and storms.

As a screensaver I have loaded her Photos and add fresh ones from family events !

Nonna travels frequently and first item is her Atom.

So keep it simple and it is used daily !