Discouraging Registry Cleaners/Optimizers

by Bandido51 - 11/30/12 6:24 PM

In Reply to: Confirmed tests by Alanra

I have run 6 registry cleaner/optimizing programs and I don't really know if they work or not, I guess that it is just like the saying " If it is't broken don't fix. This is what I have come up with on the top 10 registry cleaners.
If you install 1 and run/clean, it will show clean,try a backup, it will show issues, this is regardless of which program you install.
I had RegCure for about 7 years while also having PC Matic, Guess what they contradicted each other.
The truth is some will see certain things while others see something different, this by itself is not bad.
Cleaning the registry will NOT gane you any visible speed but it will delete any old, broken files that linger in your system.
The downside to this is that it might take out files that you do need for sleeping programs and files, of course I have not ran into this problem personally but I have read of thousands that have this issue, the thing is, do you really want to take that chance.
The problem is not that you might have registry issues but 70% of the time it falls on people not running the 3 most effective tools in Windows and if you run them in sequence like (1) disk Cleanup (2) Defragmenter and 3 CHKDSK/R, if you do this twicwe a month you should not have issues.
Also keep in mind that you should also run Internet cleanup and (PREFETCH) click on run, write prefetch and then click OK.
The problems are all from Microsoft Windows