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by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 11/30/12 1:36 PM

In Reply to: Samsung DLP white dots fix? by g3t_t0rk

Member mingusamungus encountered an issue posting the following, so I'm submitting on the member's behalf:

"Still good advice as of 11/30/12. Called 800-Samsung. Got right to a rep. Told me my model qualified for free service. Incidentally - and this does not exclude other models - but if your TV model starts with "HLT," then you're covered.

Like others in this thread, my TV is 5+ years old. And a tech is calling/coming out in 2 business days to fix it for free. Many thanks to all who replied previously - I would have had no idea this solution was available.

Note that there are a bunch of other threads in the forum that deal with this issue, as well - this one was just a top-ranking Google hit, and thus the one I read. Presumably they all say the same thing, but if you're having problems getting this resolved, you might want to try one of those."