I feel like such an ass

by Vylas - 11/30/12 9:40 AM

In Reply to: About that SSD by mchainmchain

I'm reading a review of my SSD and came across this little tidbit from this review http://thessdreview.com/our-reviews/ocz-vector-256g-ssd-review-indilinx-barefoot-3-becomes-reality/2/

"Although typically, solid state drives might experience a drop in performance at some point, the Vector appears to be similar to only the Intel 520 and maintains steady state performance right from the get go. OCZ' proprietary advanced flash management also provides for the delivering of up to 20GB host writes per day for five years. This is reflected in the warranty where it is listed at five years or 36.5TB writes, whichever comes first." To anybody else who is considering changing the properties of Windows Error Logs or in depth tweaking to minimize Hard Drive writes for the purpose of extending the life of an OCZ Vertex 4......DON'T DO IT!! YOU WILL SPEND HOURS OUT OF YOUR LIFE CHANGING THIS AND IT'S NOT EVEN HELPING. 20GB of writes per day? I thought my 5GB of writes in one week was too much. This case is closed!!!