8 + years now, and here is what we have been looking for

by Peraxis - 11/30/12 4:27 AM

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And here we have it, the answer to the question...

Digital MP3 Recorder-Player with Built-In AM/FM Radio From C.Crane, the CC WITNES+


info page: http://www.ccwitness.com/

...and it can connect to your computer (compatable to; Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Vista,
Windows 7, and MAC OS10 and above) meaning you can edit the play list also on a computer as well as the on the unit its self.

•USB 2.0 Interface
•Built-In Calendar
•Voice Recording in MP3 Format (32Kbps - 256Kbps)
•FM Antenna
•Stereo Earbuds
•USB Charger/Connector Cable Included
•Built in small 3/8" stereo speakers
•2GB onboard memory records/stores 500+ songs at 128kpbs or hundreds of hours of talk at 32kbps
•Stereo recording from FM Band, Mic/Line input, and Built in Stereo Mics.
•Fully charged battery yields up to 16 hours of playtime. 8 hours of record time.
•Recharges in about 4 hours

Manual for the unit linked...it is a .PDF file and has the specs.