Thanks for your reply

by Vylas - 11/30/12 7:13 AM

In Reply to: About that SSD by mchainmchain

You gave me excellent advice and I'm taking it. I did more damage to myself messing with those things rather than just sitting back and researching what could actually (realistically) be done. I posted in another forum and I got a very similar response there. Don't worry, be happy was the general theme and I'm going to have to stick to that. I reversed the damage that I previously did and now I'm just going to let it go. And you know what's really funny? Say the SSD does take a dive a little sooner than expected..This drive has a 5 year warranty...SSD's will probably be going for .10 cents per GB by then and I'll just end up replacing it with a 2TB, and all of this will look really stupid in the end. Excellent advice on using Imaging software and that is all I'm going to do. Thanks again for the sanity check.