some basic tech info

by ronf572 - 11/30/12 12:19 AM

In Reply to: 2012 SmartTV has a Browser by TecnoPhob

@technofob: Java and Javascript are not related other than they are both computer languages.
It was a naming trick to fool people when Java was hot, some idiot decided ECMAscript should be called Javascript. So running one Java, that is compiled as a program and running Javascript that is interpreted line by line as a web page loads/runs are no where near the same.
As for browser issues...I understand some browser need to be really robust and support alot of web technologies nowadays. The issue I am told is the devices made as media boxes for tv and even inside tvs are low power processors with limited memory and therefore can't "reliably" process complex web technologies. That's a good argument except...almost all of these devices support one of the biggest processor and memory hogs Flash that is the basis of the YouTube video app they all have. Javascript is almost always just client side processing (running in the device not on the web server you are accessing) but I don't buy it being to heavy for any hardware made in the last 10 years. Heck RaspberryPi rund a browser capable of showing 1080p video content from a web page, certainly these other devices can learn from a $35 programming kit.