I found some videos of interest

by James Denison - 11/29/12 10:00 PM

In Reply to: Someone asked that question today by James Denison

I couldn't find the one I saw earlier, but these pretty much expose the whole sordid mess right now in Washington DC, and it's only the stonewalling by Democrats against cutbacks on spending that stands in the way of tax increases, and oh my, what a huge increase they want.


Harry Reid


White House wanting 1.6 trillion tax increase and 50 billion in new spending.
And they're blaming the Republicans for not compromising?!!! Lies, and damned Lies
by the main Democrat leaders.

Sen. Rand Paul

Basically it seems the "fiscal cliff" is looking more and more like a salvation from what the Democrats want to stick America with, instead of something to simply be dreaded. The dread of what the White House and Democrats plan to do if they get their way is even worse. Unless the White House gets serious about compromise, I'd rather see us go over the fiscal cliff.