Toni, I have to be honest and say that I have no opinion...

by grimgraphix - 11/29/12 9:06 PM

In Reply to: His opinion doesn't count with me by TONI H

... because I quit paying attention to politics/economics since the last presidential debate. Why? Because I manage a retail store and do web based advertising on the side, so I have literally no time to do anything but monitor metrics, drive sales, train seasonal staff to do their job, and keep up the new advert sales my web clients want me to post for them.

Tis the season to work my ass off, fa lala lala lalalala.


My personal opinion though, is that what has needed to be done has been obvious for years now. Cut expenses and raise revenue. I see no problem in going back to the same tax structure the country had during the Clinton admin. As for who is in charge of doing the right thing? Well (sigh)... I wish we could kick ALL the bums out and start over. I'm not holding my breath on that one.