Re: Bad Verizon Customer Service

by lynmarantz - 11/29/12 2:27 PM

In Reply to: Bad VERIZON Customer Service by rogersummerlin

I agree that Verizon is very difficult to reach someone with authority, and heartless when it comes to problem resolution. In short, my elderly mother mistakenly paid a verizon bill for over 4 years for service she did not have. Calling Verizon to correct this got a reply of ok, well we can cancel the service and you don't need to pay for the last 6 months of service. Verizon refused to refund the erroneous charges that amounted to over $3,000.00. Their excuse, why did she pay in the first place - a blame the victim approach. I contacted the better business bureau, who set up a dialog. verizon restated their position and refused to budge. I pointed out that everyone agreed that my mother (aged 87) paid for service she did not ask for or receive for over 4 years. The records all support that. The outage is how to settle. Apparently Verizon cannot be made to return fraudulent charges to their customer.

I am at a loss for how to proceed, as I cannot reach anyone higher up in the Verizon change of command.