About restore. Got Norton, Kap? Other?

Many antivirus suites break System Restore (SR.) I can't guess what choice you made. Tell more please.

As to the password, we can reset the admin password in less than 5 minutes and again, it's called NTPASSWORD, free and with all the web content about it I must stop here. Why not fix that today?

As to the use of other Windows 7 media, it appears you want to explore and learn that lesson so why not do that while you wait for the restore media to arrive?

--> Let me be very clear. On board restore is not solid enough to count on it given the plethora of nasties out there. I guess there are folk that haven't read that yet.

And again, NTPASSWD is a 5 minute or less task. Something I carry with me on such calls. Yes, there are folk that need support and such so they can get that for a fee at http://www.lostpassword.com but I never had to use them. Others seem to as the pick a number menu system NTPASSWD uses is confusing to today's mouse and GUI crazed consumers.