Look for the cookie from them

by DChrisL - 11/29/12 8:40 AM

In Reply to: Suspicious emails won't stop by Disneyfan

In Temporary Files, right click that and go to properties and find them, write down where it is actually from and you can delete them in the registry using Start to Run (if not on Menu, look in Accessories in the menu, go to System Tools and Run is listed there). When I set up my taskbar, Run was checked. I have WIN7 Home Edition also.
I went to Start to Run, type in regedit, and click ok. At the top is Edit. Click that for a dropdown and go to Find: type in the real site to find, everything is usually the top link on the left side, make certain you are not deleting other items on the right; right click and delete. Keep searching using either F3 or Enter. When it says finished searching you X out of the registry. Another way is to restrict in gmail.com and that means going there and blocking Hi Bill, To Bill, etc out. Darrell