A few things.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/28/12 5:23 PM

In Reply to: Windows 7 won't properly restore by chad3133

Restore media is created by us after we get the PC. Many folk opt out and that's the end of that. ORDER THE RESTORE MEDIA as any other solution is usually costly.

-> As to the account. Try SAFE MODE and the admin account there. And again, NEVER try to keep it down to one lone account. You are repeating a lesson about Windows. This lesson is sadly rarely taught but learned first hand. -> Always have a spare Admin account.

If SAFE MODE and that admin account needs a password, try pressing enter. If it need to be reset, try NTPASSWD (free, takes 5 minutes or less.)

Restoring a PC often is not a good sign. Those onboard restores can be corrupted by any number of viruses and one last idea. Unplug all USB things and try again.

Good luck.