by bevshines - 11/28/12 1:03 PM

In Reply to: Yes. Tell folk how you got rid of this one. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I guess I was fortunate because once it was detected McAfee quarantine it and I kept running scans and rebooting and only after about 3 complete scans and then running scans on individual files in the programs did it appear I have no problems other than my firewall can't be put on. Thinking about downloading another software just so I can have firewall protection. I failed to mention that this was on my laptop Dell Latitude D520 XP, on my desktop I have Microsoft Essential and AVG, with CC cleaner which cleans as soon as I boot up. I believe I probably picked it up when I was on Facebook and retrieving pictures from other accounts. Once I scan my portable harddrive I'll know for sure, since I saved some pics on it.