1 more thing nd ill start looking...

by dizzyrapper18 - 11/28/12 9:02 AM

In Reply to: They are up-selling you (n/t) by Pepe7

ok then, i will loook at 5.1 receivers. i usually look at newegg. know of any other sites that work just as well?
would i use the HDMI to connect it to the TV? i know id need 14-16 gauge wire for the speakers to the receiver.
Any suggestions on out puts and extras that receivers must have for it to be a good one? LFE, the auto calibration, etc. thanks for the help .
Pre-ins and outs for dvd players xbox? i know xbox can be used for a HDMI cable. but asking. what would my tv need for me to hook it up to so i can listen to tv and movies and games>?