re: Best Camera Video

by MarkatNite - 11/27/12 4:56 PM

In Reply to: Best Camera Video by Jessesupermanhayes

Why do you want an all-in-one solution? These almost always entail compromises, so your money will usually be better spent on a dedicated video camera (and a dedicated stills/photo camera). Two cameras also gives you more versatility. Also note that DSLRs are horrible tools for shooting video of (live) events. e.g. the limited clip length means you will have gaps in your video (every 30 minutes with the Sony and every 12 minutes with the Canon). Also note that there have been overheating issues--granted, on previous models, but still--when shooting video for long periods. And keep in mind I'm saying this as someone who's been shooting video on DSLRs since the GH1 came out, and who currently shoots video on a GH2 and T4i. (But I shoot stuff where we have time to setup, block, and do multiple takes, not live events.)

Speaking of the T4i, no, the HDMI out is not clean. And from what I've read, the same is true for the Sony. And again, you're almost always better off buying the right tool for the job. i.e. if you want to stream video over the internet, get a camera that's made for that. Especially since HDMI quality is way overkill for streaming video; most facilities don't have the upload bandwidth, and most viewers don't have the download bandwidth. And, no offense, but why do you think the parishioners need to see the service in that much detail? i.e. why won't an SD/VGA stream suffice? Even the Olympics weren't streamed in HDMI quality. (To be fair, I have seen video from a GH2 streamed over the internet, and it looked great! But it also took a lot of tweaking and special equipment to do.)

Oh, and lastly, re: (quiet) autofocus on the T4i -- note that there are only two STM lenses out at present - Mark