No,Tony, the current ad hoc installation at the Belle Harbor

Yacht Club is up and running as of a Month ago.

From PSEG's site
"The PSE&G Solar 4 All™ program will add 80 megawatts (MW) of solar electric generation capacity to the PSE&G electrical system by early 2013." Emphasis added. Never the less, I'm glad they have made that move.

Thank you for the info on LIPA, and PSEG certainly appears to be a model of corporate good citizenship and customer service. It's just that often private utilities are the problem not the solution, like PG&E have been. Since most Utilities are privately owned in the US, I made the mistake of assuming LIPA was. I'm glad the folks on Lon Gisland (well that's how some people pronounce it) will be getting better service.