dim and poor sync

by paulplatt - 11/27/12 8:28 AM

In Reply to: Vizio E601i-A3 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I just got this TV on the Wal-Mart Black Friday special. I am impressed with the thin design. I love that all inputs output on the optical out. The 52" Samsung it replaced didn't and that made connecting to the yamaha soundbar a problem since I would run out of inputs on the soundbar. However there are some negatives. In no particular order (actually minor ones first).

I love YouTube playback. I love having the keyboard on the remote.

1) DLNA use is problematic. It takes forever to read my movie directory and completely fails on music. It appears my large iTunes library (I have over 1000 CD's that I ripped). Vizio tried but couldn't help. Movie catalog read is so slow that at first I thought it was locked up. It took many minutes before the spinning circle showed up and the remote started working again.

2) Your settings result in a dim picture, especially during the day. My old CCFL Samsung 52" was MUCH brighter with richer colors.

3) I have a somewhat functional brightness but with unrealistic colors by setting:

Backlight 95
Brightness 53
Contrast 50 Color 50
Tint 2
Sharpness 5
R gan 128
G Gain 122
B Gain
Offset all 128 (what does this do?)
Backlight control and light sensor off

Don't expect good color from this. It is a start in that it makes the picture bright enough to watch. Now I will try to work on the color. The Samsung was much better out of the box.

Sound sync is driving me nuts. At times it seems to slowly get worse with turning the set off and then on helping. I have eliminated all delay on the Yamaha sound bar but the audio still seems slightly delayed. Is there a good DVD for checking this? I can't make the sound any earlier which is what it seems I need to do.

I almost took this set back and even called Vizio asking if something was wrong. Surprisingly they couldn't even give me a number for the light output to compare to the Samsung.

When the screen is all black and the brightness turned way up you can see that backlight uniformity is mediocre at best but acceptable to me given the price.

Oh yeah, skin tones currently appear slightly posterized compared to the Sony.