RE: And you're still an idiot

by JP Bill - 11/27/12 6:31 AM

In Reply to: And you're still an idiot by TONI H

Toni, Toni, Toni.....What am I gonna' do with ya'

Name Calling....I'll meet you in the school yard after school today, I'll get one of my female grandkids to "speak to you".

The fact that BO knew about this, and knew that anniversaries are important to the terrorists in order to make their point, and still ignored the 9-11 date was only looking out for his re-election rather than the safety of his own people.

It's a good thing Bush wasn't concentrating on getting Re-elected in 2004 while these attacks were going on. There WAS an election in 2004 wasn't there?

2004: US embassy in Uzbekistan bombed. 2 killed, 9 injured.

2004: US consulate in Saudi Arabia attacked. 8 killed.

Saudi Arabia? Wasn't Bush seen walking hand in hand in the Rose garden with that Prince/King? How romantic.

4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!