You didn't hear any complaints?

by James Denison - 11/26/12 9:33 PM

In Reply to: When it suits the agenda of the Prez??? by Diana Moderator

I certainly did, almost all from Democrats too. Also noticed a reluctance to continue the complaints when it put Colin Powell (because he was black???) in the cross hairs. I find it odd that you'd not be concerned at some foreign govt who wanted to assassinate a former president. When that former president is directly related to a sitting president, do you not consider such threat to his family to be a valid cause to address? Will you feel the same if that situation arises toward Obama now, or later on? What if instead it's his wife, or one of his daughters who is declared a target? At what point and to what extent do you feel we should react to foreign countries who intend to assassinate our former or current leaders?