In any event

by TONI H - 11/26/12 4:25 PM

In Reply to: When it suits the agenda of the Prez??? by Diana Moderator

there WAS intel and satellite pictures showing trucks from Russia moving around northern Iraq just before we got there.......and there was never any way to prove they weren't moving the stuff out of Iran ahead of time....personally, I think it all ended up in Syria.

The CIA was never accused of lying except by people here in SE because intel that came from Britain, I think, from some dual agent or something was doctored/forged/whatever, and that didn't come to light until much later. The fact that Saddam had already used WMD on his own people and kept his enemies at bay by saying he still had stockpiles of it was believable at that time. There was no reason to suspect that they were gone or would be gone by the time we got there. Personally, I think the only mistake that Bush made was giving Saddam so many warnings that bought him time.....we should have gone in much earlier than we did.

And it was never about his father........get over that crap.