Go higher up than P

by TONI H - 11/26/12 7:01 AM

In Reply to: So Patraeus is lying? by Josh K

and explain why Libya has known all along who was involved, including names, and why they are still walking around free in Benghazi? Why would the world be allowed to publicly know who they are but the American people had to be lied to in order to 'not let the bad guys know we're onto them'? It's so much bulls..t, Josh that none of the WH people can even say anything with a straight face anymore.

Clapper said first....."we don't know who changed the story"........then he said "oh yeah, we changed it to extremists instead of terrorists".......then he said "oh yeah, we changed the talking points to the video".

Well, guess who NOW is going to be the fall guy since BO is going out of his way to protect Rice (who is a lunatic and shouldn't be at the UN in the first place)? Clapper....not P.

Link to Rice's UNqualifications for not only the UN but also as Sec of State......