No,they are not the first.That badge belongs to PSE&G.......

of NJ.

As I noted below,LIPA is govt owned and managed by the Brits which is why they are loathed.

If you want to talk about capitalism as a model for efficent management and operation of a needed utility,you need to look no farther than PSE&G of NJ.

PSE&G is a publicly owned,capitalist company and serves as a shining star as to how a utility company should conduct itself in a disaster.!!

When you look at financial stats of LIPA and their British management company,National Grid plc and compare them to PSE&G(contained in the links below): PSE&G could literally buy and sell both companies!!!! Viva Capitalism and the free market!!

Feel free to peruse the following links and check PSE&G's Solar 4 all program :

Converting a garbage dump:

They have a total of 200,000 solar panels on utility poles throughout the state and have four huge solar farms in central Jersey which are now online.