The Sony DCR-TRV330

Is a Digital8 tape based camcorder.

Power off the camcorder. Connect the Camcorder's firewire port (not USB) to the computer's firewire port (not USB) with a firewire cable (not USB). Power up the camcorder and put it into "Play" mode. Launch the video editor (MovieMaker is bundled). Import or Capture the video.

Support for the USB-driver based standard definition DV format video import ended in the XP days so even if you could find the disc and attempt to install the driver, it is highly likely it would not do what you want. USB-to-firewire cable/converter/adapter things won't work. If your computer has no firewire port, hopefully it has an available expansion slot so you can add one.

There are a few other options. This is the common one.