Read the AVG quote below that I posted in my first thread

by zillah2004 - 11/25/12 12:06 PM

In Reply to: I have to guess you didn't read the README? by R. Proffitt Moderator

>>The README on the download makes no mention of the makeboot file.<<
Are sure ???

Read the AVG quote below that I posted in my first thread

To create a USB flash drive variant of AVG Rescue CD, you will need to do the following:
1- Extract the archive downloaded from AVG web directly on the removable USB flash drive. It has to be extracted in the root folder of the disk - do not use a subfolder.
2- Run the extracted makeboot.bat batch file. When started it will overwrite the boot record. Make sure you are using the desired USB flash drive, otherwise it can make your Windows un-bootable!
3- In the opened window press any key to prepare the USB flash drive.
4- After this process is finished (message will be displayed) you can close the window.

>>Note that bootable USB drive can be also created directly within the booted
AVG Rescue CD GNU/Linux.<<
The method that you referred to it , is creating a bootable USB from AVG rescue CD on windows platform and Linux platform.
And I don't have AVG rescue CD from the first place, therefore this method is not workable for me