I made the leap and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

by deltaskye - 11/25/12 7:49 AM

In Reply to: I am looking for the same - my take on this by katldog

After finding very positive reviews of this device, including Netflix users on Amazon, and scoring an online purchase price of $296.00 (and free shipping), I took the plunge.

I'm still exploring the device, which arrived yesterday, but so far it's fantastic. I had Netflix up and running an Instant Play movie from my Netflix queue in about a half hour. Not having viewed movies on a smartphone or anything other than my TV or laptop, I didn't know how to get the Netflix app for the Galaxy. I called Netflix customer support and they explained it. I haven't watched a movie all the way through, but the first five minutes were great. This is using my dependable Verizon FIOS wifi from home. Will be interesting to try this in a hotel, where wifi can be sketchier.

I also set up a Gmail account and surfed my usual sites - Weather Channel, Yahoo, etc.

I'll report back if I encounter any problems. I have 45 days to return the device. May be tough to hand this over as a Christmas present, which was the original plan!