Actually,LIPA is govt owned.........

by Tony Holmes - 11/25/12 8:44 AM

In Reply to: Since when is a govt regulated by James Denison that's why it's so miserably run with a 25yr old computer system and idiots managing it.

Wait,there's more ! LIPA's transmission and distribution system is managed by a British company in London which accounts for their dark ages performance.

Compared with PSE&G,LIPA doesn't know it they're shot,f'd or snake bit when it comes to dealing with a disaster.

Comparing system stats,voltage capacities and looking at their revenues,shows a stark night and day difference between the two.

No pun intended but there's light at the end of the tunnel for NY in 2014:

Beginning in 2014, PSEG will begin operating the transmission and distribution system of the Long Island Power Authority under contract[12], replacing National Grid plc.