Not just my opinion anymore

by TONI H - 11/25/12 5:55 AM

In Reply to: Obama and Carter by James Denison

I've noticed in the news that many on both sides are favoring having the conventions held much sooner than August so that a primary pick has the ability to start campaigning earlier in the race and not have an incumbent have months ahead of the challenger, since the challenger isn't allowed to start spending on the campaign until the convention is over. More equal footing equals 'fair share', 'fair shot', etc.

This race was the most noticeable for the disproportional amount of campaigning done because BO was able to start well before February in gathering funds and once the runners were in place for the Republican side by February, the Dems had already decided which ones of those runners would be the most 'promising' to go after. They decided on Romney well in advance and targeted him almost exclusively and was able to 'define' him in the light they wanted to present long before Romney was actually picked.......and that gave Romney only from mid-August to the first week in November to run his actual campaign. He had so many slanders to defend against that he didn't have much time to redefine himself away from what the Dems had already painted him as.

If the conventions aren't held any earlier, then I believe the campaigning rules for an incumbent need to be changed via the election board itself to where the incumbent also can't begin to campaign until his/her convention either.

As I said, according to some news reports I've seen on both sides with various commentators and news 'reporters', there seems to be support for either either plan/revision. I hope it goes further than just talk at this point.