More questions

by waterstruck - 11/24/12 8:45 AM

In Reply to: Yes we have it. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I am just trying to understand all of this so I have some questiosn if you don't mind? So are you saying to not worry about the amount of memory or expandable memory because everyone is going toward the use of cloud space where you can do everything from the cloud? Does that mean you wouldn't be downloading apps to the unit but keep them in a cloud? I had thought the more memory the better to download more and more apps whether they are games or othere stuff.

I have looked at the Kindle Fire HD's 7" and 8.9" per your comments on how nice they are, and that it does have and HDMI and I must say they are beautiful. When I was researching some of the reviews some were great and some were negative, ie, too proprietory OS, so it is hard to use non Amazon apps, hard to use e-mail, someone said it did not come with a charger. I really like the KF HD but don't want to be restricted with my use. Will I be. WIll I have trouble doing certain things. I want to use the unit to surf the web, all websites not just Amazons, purchase things from any website, Skype, e-mail, use the HDMI for netflix, or just about any other streaming web site, even HBO GO, read books, etc, etc.

As far as Amazon Prime goes do you get additional use or features if you are using it with a KF vs other brands? When I looked at the features about Prime under the features of buying the KF HD it says it comes with the lending library with no due dates etc, but when you go to just reasearching Prime without buying the KF it says you get one free book borrow a month.

Thanks for your help.