Maybe I miss the days when, as I mentioned, candidates

picked open venues to speak and took their cheers and boos in stride. They actually talked about political issues, their own accomplishments and ambitions. It wasn't all that long ago. This past election we got to see a different campaign method. We got to see a candidate bring rock and rap stars with him, pick his venues based on who he knew his supporters were and make sure the cameras caught loud cheers for the TV news. From what I saw, only one of the two candidates deliberately addressed a crowd that was known to be hostile toward him. That takes some guts.

I've heard past complaints about presidential candidates who were dividers and not uniters. It's my opinion that our current president beat all records as being the country's biggest divider. It would be difficult to not see that in his presidency and his campaign. He set a bar that I hope no one ever clears again.

As for voting, I'd prefer to have a president elected by those who studied well the candidates and issues and made a concerted effort to get themselves to the polls. I can't think that highly of those who only consider selfish and personal desires or will only vote if they can an all expense paid trip to the polling place and back. That's what, in some places, is happening.