I am looking for the same - my take on this

I am part of the over 60 crowd and want a tablet for just the same reasons...adding on book reading. With eyesite going being able to choose the size of the print will be a blessing. Mainly it will be the simplistic side of having a tablet...e-mail, browsing, simple games, I have both Hulu and Netflix accounts and wi-fi in the home, and the ipod 2 as I do like to take photos and share video every so often. This may be something he too will enjoy so just an added attraction of the 2nd gen.

My family has chosed the ipad 2 with 3 G for me. The 3G is in case I get stuck at a Drs office for a extended period of time and am willing to pay the data fees. The 2nd generation seems to be available at lower and lower fees too so good deals are possible. My kids are all tech savvy, no land lines..only cell phones (new ones every year) and all have tablets and laptops. The BIG reason they are going ipad for me is because it is easier then Andriod for us oldsters to learn. I have a Driod X phone and well over 2 years of having it I am still learning how to use it. We have talked a lot about pros and cons on which talbet to get me and I have tried out the ipad.

My advice is to go with the ipad2..sales will likely get better as they get rid of the 2nd gen stock since everyone is on the new 4G bandwagon right now. I have seen those..they are blazing fast with stunning visuals! For older folk and people with learning diabilities I tend to agree that the ipad is easier to learn. If you think about it - it does us no good to have caring people buy a wonderful item for us if we are not able to understand how to use it wink

AND good of you to care to be able to offer this to someone who I am sure will have his world opened up immensely by what you are going to give him. Kudos to you!!