Matching lenses and filters

by windfire55 - 11/23/12 3:37 PM

In Reply to: Minolta Lens by snapshot2 Moderator

built into the lensellense applications have contacts The unfortunate part of this is that you have to depend on you abilities to shoot manually because of the fact that most digital lenses have electrical contact points built into the lense mounting coupling,which is usually not present in standard hard copy format.These contacts maake a connection to the camera itself for focus and and f-stop capabilities between the two units,filters are not usually a problem as all filter systems depend on a threaded coupling on the lense and filter..There is only a couple of camera out there that have been able to use their old lenses in a limited capacity(manual only).It will be easier and less exasperating to buy a good camera and pick up lenses as they go on sale plus Sigma and Tamron make a fairly good quality lense at 1/2 to 1/4 the price of brand name(Nikon,Canon,Pentax etc.) it well worth looking into.
good luck and Happy Hunting