what software was that

by Mrjoh12 - 11/23/12 1:44 PM

In Reply to: No. Why? by R. Proffitt Moderator

However if you stole his memory sticks/Blank CD'S from his room you could see which has the software/software hacking packages he has on any particular memory stick.

Then you could move any of his personal word docs and other stuff that needs on the memory stick/Cd copy them to a computer or whatever and Format the memory stick or CD.

Unless its a CD-ROM he has this Software on. then you will have to copy some files if necessary to another
computer and burn another CD-ROM from a new pack of Blank CD's which are the same brand and type as the one you don't want him to be able to use.

Label it the same as the other one after you have dumped it

This requires Him to be away for a weekend so you don't get caught.