regarding upgrades

by Roger NC - 11/23/12 9:21 AM

In Reply to: Shucks, some of our computers by Roger NC

You forget or don't realize how much businesses or at least some industries don't plan for more than about 5 quarters now.

It's been getting more and more that way in my experience since 2000 or before. The goal is posting the current best returns or stock increases, not long term as in 20 or 30 years planning.

Why? because people buy and sell stock in a less than 2 year cycle rather than a 20 year cycle. People use to buy railroad or steel stock to hold for retirement. After things changed and no company was viewed as pernament investment, companies changed their planning to woo short term investors rather than long term.

At least that seems to be the current state of affairs. Now I am in the paper industry and it's in a decline and facing more world wide production than in the past.

IT is basicaly contracted out, with just one maybe two people actually employed by the company as co-ordinators. Some computers get updated every couple of years, upper managment again. Operator level stuff is the next to the last area of update, last area of update is maintenance. IT staff don't do anything except what they're contracted to do, which is basically to respond to trouble "tickets" put in corporation wide an tricked back to the local contractor and co-ordinator.

Small cost and avoiding more future cost really isn't considered at the desktop computer level. Control equipment is postponed again and again because it's old enough that once you start you have to go huge, our old computer boxes running VMS software have compatibility problems with anything current, so it's difficult to do a piecemeal update.

As long as it will run, they don't replace it. We still have several CRT monitors. They recently still bought computers without dvd's because that was a standard but optional in their DELL contract pricing. And I think they viewed DVD as being for gaming or video discs. I know 20 years ago some companies bought computers without CD players because they thought that was for games and not needed for work computers. Then in less than 5 years they had to install cd because that was what new software came on if you didn't install it over the network.

I can't remember what Pentium the old computer I use a lot is, but it is single core model. And actually for what I use that one, that would be fine if it had more memory and more harddrive to speed it up a bit. Also, I think it probably still has an older network card that can't use the full speed of the company network.

So blame managment, since anything over about $500 has to be approved by at least 2 levels and anything over $1000 by 3 levels. Then a little above that, not sure where, it takes either the mill manager, a committee decision, or corporate approval.

Business/industry now is more than ever about squeezing rather than expanding or updating for the future.