Stuff is so cheap now

by James Denison - 11/23/12 8:26 AM

In Reply to: Shucks, some of our computers by Roger NC

I just ordered and received 2 new cases for $20 each, including postage. Put an entire system in one this week, total cost under $150 with 160GB HD and a DVDRW. Hard drives of 500 GB new for under $60. DDR1 RAM can be had for under $10 per GB. I saw Kingston memory for DDR3 with 2GB chips about $14 each after shipping. Hard drive prices are still a bit higher now due to the flood last year and only 3 big producers, limiting competition, but the cost per GB is lower than a couple years ago. I've seen Sempron socket 754 chips at 1.6Ghz completely new, which is fine for office work, on sale for $15 or less including shipping. Motherboards from the best makers, ASUS, Gigabyte, and budget Biostar can be had completely new for under $60, entirely sufficient for office computers. Processor prices have them worried? It's an office computer, go with a 2.8 Ghz Sempron for AM3 motherboard, under $40 including shipping.

That's all new stuff. Priced any "used" or "refurbished" things for repairs lately? Older Celeron and AMD socket 462 boards in an office? Processors are under $5 for those, and replacement memory chips are about same price for every half gig, maybe a bit more to $7.

Heck, there's even combo units under $60 brand new that can be had for an office computer that will make whoever used a Celeron type the happiest person in the office, includes embedded VGA, HDMI, sound, LAN, and runs cool on a VIA processor at 800 Mhz bus speed, clock multiple of 2 for 1.6 Ghz speed. Fast enough for office, saves electricity both in time computer is being on and used, and lower heat output saving on cooling costs for office area, when you consider many current office computers put out the same heat of a 150w incandescent light bulb.

There's no excuse for an IT person not being able to cheaply repair and even upgrade existing hardware other than his laziness or the company's short sightedness and some of that blame still falls on the IT department for not showing the small cost of upgrades and repairs and how that positively affects performance, and employee moral.

Getting down off soapbox, walking to next corner, etc.