Shucks, some of our computers

by Roger NC - 11/23/12 6:40 AM

In Reply to: That's when by James Denison

the cd drive doesn't even work anymore.I have backup tape drives that don't work, and there is no other backup. Those machines haven't even been connected to either the business or control networks because they don't want to spend the money to run fiberoptic to them. They're suppose to be replaced this year, been postponed over and over since March. If you're familar with industry workplace at all, you know what the chances are of getting anything done in the 4th quarter than can be postponed. I have about as good a chance of winning the lottery, depending on who you are of course.We're even have trouble getting normal maintenance parts ordered, they drag their feet on that even. Yet we have to keep records with the dates the maintenance is done with or without the parts on time.

Got a couple of NT still left, usb physically there, but no drivers for it. The ones I was talking about they just told me were on next years rotation list are probably the early XP cycle time wise.

And I think they even have the bios locked to admin only passwords. Seems like someone tried that once. Or maybe it wasn't locked, because as I recall he crashed the system. Of course, when someone else found it dead no one had any idea what happened.