We're trying to get VPN for a company

that provides and helps with our emisson monitoring equipment, they have to use a modem on poor phone lines to access the computer to help with trouble shooting or program modification.

It was all proposed over a month ago. A week ago someone followed up the emails and asked if it had been set up. The so call co-ordinator of IT (almost all of it farmed out now) said he didn't know the status he would check.

He just hadn't bothered. He and everyone else that would be involved in ok'ing and setting it up were included on the emails, several of them, a month ago. Indifference to things not wanted by high management seems to be a oft shared condition of IT. I reported a problem with one desktop directly to the tech once while he was replacing the monitor. His response wasn't even to file a work ticket on it. His response was that was schedule to be replace (they have a rotation schedule for updating) next year. I had just asked that the drive partitions be rearranged so that there was room for the swap file on C. Drive D partition was 75% empty while C was 80% full. He left without doing anything. I can't move the swap file or partitions bcause I don't have administration rights. So I click on a program I use to record enviornmental data and wait a minute or two for it to open. I click on trending software to check data and the same.

I know personal experience isn't necessarily proof of any widespread disease, but how many people have you heard complain about IT attitudes?

Anyone remember Saturday night live Nick the computer guy? Parody yes, but familar to most.