good points

by edweather - 11/22/12 5:23 PM

In Reply to: Do you REALLY want to run Windows 98? by wpgwpg

wpgwpg, Thanks. I hear what you are saying. Clamwin supports Win98, but I realize it's only for scanning, not real-time. This is my wife's old computer from when her first 2 kids were young and yes, she has alot of games on it that won't run on anything later than Win98. We are resurrecting this computer for our 5 year old as a first computer. So we might go online a little, but it's mostly for the games she wants to use. No skin off my back. Only spent $4 for an ethernet card, $2.36 for a cable, and $4.95 for a memory upgrade. It's been fun messin' with it. Like you say, if I want to spend any real $ on it I might as well get a new computer.