Still having the same problem

by ttenn - 11/22/12 5:04 PM

In Reply to: HDMI Input Issue - Only One Port Working by Muldermj

OK, it has been over three years (!!) since I first posted on this topic. Still, every three months or so it happens again. This is very frustrating. A simple unplug or reset would be easy, but I have to leave everything unplugged overnight, occasionally for 48 hours for it to reset.

Its not just my TV model. These forums show this happens across multiple Samsung models. Since Samsung can't fix this issue, or doesn't seem to want to fix it, I won't buy any more samsung products. When my three Samsung TVs, three Samsung Blu-Ray players, or any of my five Samsung Galaxy S phones die, they will get replaced by other brands. Its not just the TV. All of these devices have had different issues - none of which Samsung was willing to help with.